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Psihologie Online

My name is Paul Negrulescu and the first thing I would like you to know about myself is that I am passionate about people and about the privilege I get to see them, and maybe even you, get through problems and develop their potential in order to live an abundant life!

I am married to an extraordinary woman, whose love I hold and demonstrate everyday to contribute to what I call “man’s greatest blessing” – marriage! Together we have a beautiful daughter, Nadia. Ana and I continue to learn what the love languages mean, in order to maintain our love and passion alive, as well as create, to the best of our ability, the most loving and nurturing environment for our daughter’s development.

I am a person who enjoys life! I am happy even though life in its normal rhythm sometimes brings about tough times. In fact, tough times in life, panic attacks and the depression I have gone through, were fundamental to my desire to understand and study the way humans function holistically: psychically, physically and spiritually. After many years of studies in a few countries in the fields of Psychology and Psychotherapy, after working as a Psychologist in non-profit organizations in Romania and in a clinic in Geneva, Switzerland, I started to work in my own counselling private practice, as well as online.

With not as much experience, but with just as much interest, I started to train in and to offer life-coaching services. Even though therapy is a special time for the beneficiary, when the counsellor is 100% present to listen and offer feedback to the beneficiary, inevitably the therapy beneficiary gets to know the therapist during this time too. Therefore, I would like to invite you to go on the journey of change together with me, and most importantly I would like to get to know you better!