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Dear Paul, I cannot thank you enough – your counseling opened a new pathway for me and I can now move on step by step leaving some of the burdens of my life behind. My journey is far from over but simply by saying the right things or asking the right questions you set a domino effect in motion that allowed me to follow new trains of thought. Sometimes this meant to delve into the past and revisit painful moments, something I used to avoid – but with your gentle guidance this turned into a healing process. As a result, I am beginning to enter a healthier relationship not only with others but also with myself. Thank you.
A.B- Eastbourne

Paul has helped me through a very difficult time. I have found him to be very professional yet also extremely caring and insightful. He helped me to gain a different perspective which enabled me to tap into other resources giving me strength and peace as well as a new understanding and wisdom of my situation.
C.O. Eastbourne

The therapeutic work I have done with Paul has been life giving. Paul works in a gentle, professional and holistic manner where he incorporates both my mental and spiritual health in our counseling sessions. Paul has been excellent in helping me process both immediate and historic traumas in my life. As a new graduate mental health professional myself Paul has helped me in processing a client suicide, where he gave me tools in managing and understanding suicide. Paul also talked me through my theology of suicide and prayed with me before I left, leaving me with a profound sense of peace. As someone who struggles with anxiety, Paul has helped me understand and combat the lies I believe about myself and the world around me.

“Going to talk with Paul was most definitely a very worthwhile decision! I felt that I was able to honestly confide in him about a spiritual battle that I've been dealing with, and really appreciated the way in which he responded in a helpful way! My session with Paul reminded me about how important it is to have faith and trust in God when dealing with temptations and trials, as God will never give us more than what we can handle.”
J.B. - Palmerston North

I liked that you called some stuff out, it might have been nice if you called out more, but perhaps there wasn't enough time or the appropriate moment or reception to do it. I think counselling is probably about us doing most of the talking but I find if we are presented with new confronting ideas even if we don't get there straightaway, if they have truth in them we chew them over and then they help later.
V & B - Wellington

“My husband and I cannot thank Paul enough. He gave us workable ideas for improving our communication skills and, hence, our marriage. It is no exaggeration to state that, were it not for the counseling we received, we would now be looking at separation. So, thank you again Paul; very worthwhile.”
M & T - Lower Hutt

“I have one regret… that I haven’t done counselling years ago before all my problems started.”

“For me to speak about my sexual abuse was a no no and it took me over 40 years to open up about my trauma… I feel that a burden was lifted off my shoulders and I am very happy I met my ACC counsellor in the person of Paul Negrulescu, whom I felt understood me with no judgement for my own personal mistakes.”

“Because of my sexual abuse that went on for years I lost my confidence and trust in people. Paul Negrulescu was the first man whom I started to trust and to whom I was able to speak about my sexual abuse.”
C.V. - Upper Hutt

“Counselling has been good! You have given me some useful insights into my inner world. You have challenged me in areas I needed challenging and have given me useful counsel in areas where I lacked knowledge. I thank you for that!”
G. - Upper Hutt

“I've met Paul when I was desperately searching for healing from sexual addiction. I had been struggling for around 10 years with this pattern and often times I've quit looking for help. Not being involved in any relationship with a man and having family issues, made me find comfort in this ugly addiction. Meeting Paul was a relief since he has managed to make me understand the roots of my addiction through the lenses of the Christian mindset. We started working in that direction and I have found many more issues, which were directly linked to my wrong behaviour. We have also worked on the codependency issues I had. Paul has a specific way of asking the right questions and leading the discussion exactly where needed even though it might hurt. Since we met I've found it very strange that I was able to speak freely and openly with him and that I think is directly linked to the way he is: open, nice to talk to, non-judgemental and open-minded.”
A.S. - Belgium (Skype sessions)

Besides the fact that Paul is a very good counsellor, he is also an amazing person. He helped me get through a tough time in my life successfully and I am very grateful to him for that. Our therapy sessions were revealing for me; this and his steadfast professionalism are reasons to recommend meeting with him at least once. After our sessions together, we remained friends, which I thought was great.

I started working with Paul a bit more than a year ago. Due to some unpleasant events in my life, I was having a really tough time. Insomnias, depression, anxieties… the whole lot. All those anxieties were rooted in an identity and gender crisis I was going through. Step by step, together with Paul, I have undergone a long and painful, but beneficial therapeutic process, which helped me overcome the critical situation I was at in my life and aided me to once again become a normal person, filled with life. I wholeheartedly recommend him.

My name is A. and I had begun the therapy sessions with Paul to better understand why even though I was a Christian, I had some problems of sexual nature. If I want to summarize the “therapeutic” road undergone with Paul, I am reminded of Jesus. He never asked us to make no mistakes in our lives. He invited man to a change of his distorted mentality, to an inner cleanse, starting from an honest questioning of our past, of our identity and our mentality with which we lived our lives having as reference the Truth. However, on this dark road it is not good to be alone. The sessions with Paul and his insights are safety points, good guidelines in this deep cleanse. Being a student, I could also benefit from a price discount for the sessions. I thank God for the possibility to meet with Paul!

Therapy for me was a way of discovering myself and of understanding a few things about my past. Therapy assisted me in getting over tough times in my life and helped me put a few things from the past behind me. I am happy I ended up having strong convictions and that I invested in my personal development.

Hi, my name is M., I am 26 years old and occasionally I struggle with depression. I sought a way to get out of my depression without going to the doctor who would prescribe me medication and I eventually ended up with a taking some medication, but only briefly. Nevertheless, I needed answers for my heart, for my mind, for my rationale, something to tell me that I could get out of the miserable state that depression created in me. Because of my depressive state I shut down and became indrawn, uncommunicative for 3 years. My depression got everyone around me upset – my family, my husband… I’m not even sure how I found the strength to search for a counsellor. I used to have the preconception that as a religious person, I should not do therapy, that it is shameful… However, I came across a wonderful therapist on the Internet that proved to be the answer to my quest, to be open to my questions, to follow my interior monologue. Because of my depression, I isolated myself inside my house for about 6 months, where I developed all sorts of phobias. I became so dependent on my family’s help, that I could literally not be able to make myself a cup of tea. I eventually managed to get out of the house with advice given by Paul. With Paul’s help I managed to overcome many fears, the fear of cars, of big stores, of animals – today I even own a dog. The most confortable thing for me was the fact that I didn’t have to go anywhere, because I’ve undergone online therapy, on Skype. In fact, I was living in a different city from Paul and I couldn’t have actually gone to his office. There are many things that could be said – the therapy sessions were challenging for my mind, they used to end with a peace of mind that I had been looking for, or other times they would end with questions that I had to ponder upon and to find answers for myself, which benefited me greatly. I found in Paul a lot of patience, understanding even if I would be aggressive and offensive, in the end I found a friend in him. I would like to encourage you as soon as you find yourself in unpleasant states and in physical and psychical discomfort, to boldly address a counsellor to avoid medication and unnecessary expenses. Please avert preconceptions – God is at work, and He has many people working for the wellbeing of others.

I met Paul a few years ago, when I thought everything good had gone from my life and my road, my journey through life, was only going down hill. I have learnt to see life with different eyes, from Paul. I have remembered how it feels to smile with all my heart, to enjoy life again and to Hope! I thank God every day for bringing him into my life and I thank Paul for being next to me as a psychologist, a mentor and a true friend.